Types of Office Visits

Quick Sick Visit (10 minutes)

We offer rapid access for acute medical complaints. Finger Lakes Family Care offers additional visits in early morning and late afternoon time slots for acute illness and same day appointments. These visits will focus on a single medical concern and are geared for short concise visits. Visits throughout the day will be offered for better access, especially during busy times of the cold and flu season.

Adult Physical (30-45 minutes)

We as that fasting blood-work and other screening tests be performed in the weeks preceding your physical so that all of these can be reviewed with you at the time of your physical. We will perform and EKG, a urinalysis, a hearing evaluation and visual assessment as needed at your physical, in additional to a complete set of vitals and a spirometry if you are a smoker or have asthma or COPD.

Well Child Check (20-30 minutes)

Appointments should be made during the month of your child's birthday if possible. By spreading out our well child checks out over the entire year, we prevent a bottle neck of appointments during the summer.

Chronic Disease Management Visit (20-30 minutes)

These visits are important as they ensure that medical plans and medication doses are efficacious and free from any side effects. The management of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, asthma/COPD, depression and other common and chronic diseases are best monitored and treated with regular office visits ranging from every month to every 6 months. Disease based criteria are in place at our office and can be view on our website as well if any questions arise.

Surgical Procedure (10-30 minutes)

Appointment lengths will range form 15-45 minutes depending on the nature and complexity of the surgical procedure desired by the patient.

Medication Management (10-20 minutes)

Appointments will typically be brief, in order to change dosages on medications currently being taken. More time is usually required for new medications. Controlled substance management will require visits every 90 days by one of our providers as well as a medication contract to be signed by the patient.

Patient Information Guide

To ensure our patients are able to make the best possible use of the services we offer, here is some basic information about how we work.
Patient Information Guide